29 August 2016


Who releases a tour tape with twenty two fucking songs? These Memphis freeks, that's who. By 1997, Memphis was already on the map - COP OUT and HIS HERO IS GONE will do that to a town. We saw little evidence of this scene when FUCKFACE passed through in '96 (for reasons obvious to most, including us at the time), and by the time WHN? played there in '01 the cream had been scraped off the top of the city and the dregs were left (the show was good, but you know what I mean). But this....this tape sounds like The Sweet Spot. Ferocious, blown out, crushingly heavy, frighteningly fast, and indescribably '90s hardcore. Clocking in at just under a half hour, these tracks have been played into the ground since I unearthed I Kill Cities! a couple of weeks ago. I miss this hardcore so damn bad - there was no pretense, they weren't trying to impress anyone because they were more focused on exorcising demons...and it shows.  

28 August 2016


Late '90s melodic punk....sometimes I think that if you entered punk during a certain era then you will always have a soft spot for the bands that do (or did) the shit right....like these two. From Buenos Aires, both BUZZER and ANIMO seem reared on a diet of FUN PEOPLE (mostly BUZZER, and mostly the vocals) and mid-decade US basement melodies (mostly ANIMO, who have a bit more of an edge here, and are more overtly political). But comparisons notwithstanding, tapes like this are like a time machine, and sometimes it's nice to take a trip on a Sunday morning, you know?

27 August 2016


I don't know if you are ready for this. I wasn't. Yet, here I am...having a mental pogo party before I've even put my shoes on. Don't believe me? Just listen to to the organ as it fades in...and wait for the "EXORCISMO!!!!" that opens the first track. Yeah, you're partying. This shit is mandatory. 

26 August 2016


Meaty late'80s Philadelphia hardcore, BRICK HOUSE sound exactly like you think they should. In a different world, this band is playing reunion shows at east coast HC festivals and the boys are going wild, singing What's it gonna take for you to wise up // Don't put down our city, 'cause we've had enough (from "Suburban And Scared"). Four tracks, meaty and determined. Some of the bits are warbled, but the shit is 27 years old and has been (appropriately) partied on. Get it.

25 August 2016


This one had me from play. Deep and entrancing minimal techno sounds with more than enough other worldly weirdness. Primitive techno melting into first wave ambient/industrial...I shouldn't try to describe it....I'll just hope that you enjoy it. Nostilevo never disappoints...

24 August 2016


You know this shit by now, right? I mean, you totally should. These freeks just level the joint with six tracks of killer, bombastic hardcore punk. It's what you want, it's what you need. Everyday everyday everyday everyday....

23 August 2016


Ripping fastcore from Japan - I never got to se these dudes in the flesh, but their brand of start/stop action has always appealed to me. Snagged the (rehearsal?) tape fromth e drummer when his other band was on the West Coast in 2001....and fifteen years later these tracks still burn hard. A dozen bangers in 14 minutes. Get with it, punk. 

21 August 2016


Smart and snappy modern day alt rock. That sounds like a slag off, but I mean to say that this is the '10s version of the infectious and underground sounds that ushered us not-in-the-know punks through the '80s. This is SUPERCHUNK, this is SQUIRREL BAIT, this is SST-era SCREAMING TREES for the new kids. DREAM JOURNAL are also really fukkn good. 

20 August 2016


Way under the radar screamer from 2004, LAST PRIEST featured my pals Spencer (FIND HIM AND KILL HIM) and Matt (CRIME DESIRE), and the shit fukkn rrrrrips. Few tracks sound as resigned and hopeless and pissed as "It Just Gets Worse," the lead in to the breakdown alone is more devastating than most breakdowns. Just five burners here, and while covering one of my favorite '80s SoCal track could be dangerous, they do CHANNEL 3 proud. You probably missed this the first time around...I'm giving you the opportunity to not make the same mistake again. 

19 August 2016


From the ashes of DEAD NATION came TEAR IT UP. We had seen and played with DEAD NATION already, and their Painless EP is as close to flawless as anything from the era....so I admit that I was skeptical. I shouldn't have been. Six songs, five minutes. Ripping new millennium US hardcore punk from fukkn Jersey. Shit holds up, y'all. 

18 August 2016


FLOWER ZOMBIES are so gloriously simple and innocent sounding - crooning indie/garage that sneaks up on you, and before you know it you are joining them in off key choruses. Kinda reminds me of a less polished ORANGES, but there are maybe four people who will ever see that, so I'l;l move along to the other side.  THE DEATH are another animal entirely (well, were, they have moved on to other projects)....truly bizarre lo-fi outsider garage sounds that have grown on me immensely since I got this tape from Naoki last year. Favorite tracks: "Ghost Of Dream" and "My Specs."

The timing of today's post is not accidental, as folks from EXTRA PLANTS (ex-THE DEATH) are currently hosting my pals RAKTA in Japan. Tokyo residents would be well advised to catch them while they are in your country - starting 19 August at Hatagaya Forest, then continuing with this absolute crusher at Antiknock on the 21st::::

17 August 2016


Eleven minutes of power electronics and punishment from LIMBS BIN. Eleven minutes of industrial shitcore and punishment from TWO MILLION TONS OF SHIT. You choose, you lose, you're welcome. 

16 August 2016


The internet has (justly) covered this one at length, so I'll spare excess adulations. LEATHER GLOVE was born from the mind of Greg Wilkinson (Earhammer Studios, BRAINOIL), and it's a monolith of death metal sludge processed through a filter that I can only describe as his own. Aural oppression at it's finest, shown the light of day by the fine people at Sentient Ruin

15 August 2016


A lot of people start their weeks on Monday. And for those people, I suggest that you start this week with England's SONIC ORDER. Opening with thunderous and destroyed tupa-tupa that listens more like Japanese bombast....and then they unleash. And when they unleash, SONIC ORDER are terrifying. If this is any indication, your week is going to be pretty fierce.